The last meeting – the new beginning


The last meeting – the new beginning

At the end of May 2021, in Palics, Serbia, the last meeting of the project “More entrepreneurship in sport – more sport for all” was held, we were rounding up the whole project, what went well, what challenges we faced and how COVID-19 pandemic that influenced not only implementation of the project but also sport as well. As participants were already highly productive when it comes to the exploitation of this project results – the whole new idea – so to say: business idea – came up and under the Sport call of Erasmus+ 2021 a Cooperation partnership project was designed and finalized during the meeting.

New project, submitted by Best-seller is named “Rhythm is fit – digital workouts for all on Sportaction” has the following aim:

To enhance social inclusion of Roma through fitness, and dancing fitness in particular.

Based on Zumba fitness, the flow of the project, through its activities will include combos of fun and fitness, for everybody and every body. As the mixture of rhythms from all around the world, confluent with the dancing traditions of participating countries, this kind of  intensive dance-fitness with multicultural approach will promote fitness and friendship, boosting self-esteem and authonomy of all participants thus positioning health as the most crucial and basic value of every human being no matter how old they are.

Project also enhances the impact of the project “Sport to promote change for LGBT”, implemented by the partner Association for progress, education and lobbying, that as a main result has a platform where useful contents on social inclusion in sport can be found.

We will be further holding together and creating better and quality project in the future, with innovative character and for the sake of improvement of the use of talents in sport coming from different marginalized groups.  

We will keep promoting different business models for the sustainability of sporting associations and build their capacities together.

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